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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Mommy has been so busy that she has not been having time once again to update the blog...... :(
Mommy says will do it soon :))

Today, Nira has gone with Grandpa to see the puppies in the Dog shop. Nira just loves puppies. She goes crazy over them. Mommy told her that she could have one when she is a lot bigger and can take care of herself and puppy.

Nisha on the other hand has started moving using her hands and body. She pushes herself up on all fours and then slides using her body (like a caterpillar) to get what she wants on the floor. And she is fast!! Now, she complaints being in the play-pan. She wants to be out FREEeeeeeeee.

Nisha is also teething....(so soon!!). She tends to get irritated and fussy. At times she wants to just bite or chew on something. Papa and Mommy uses a teething ring with her. At times, they would cool it in the fridge and give it to her to bite on. It soothes the gums.

Nira has become a little more sensitive these days. She wants to be always be the big protective sister for Nisha. She gets upset if we tell her not to squeeze Nisha so much when she hugs. Mommy feels it is a matter of growing up with a new sibling.

Mommy wonders how does one manage with many many kids and is able to provide equal attention and love to them?? Wanna share some thoughts here?


A gift from God said...


I too want to know how to give equal attention to more than 1 kid! :)

Please update morelah!

LittlePrincesses said...

Hey there,

Sorry for the very late reply....hehehee. Mommy has been soooo bzbzbzbzbz. Will update this part soon and let ya know :)